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Etsy Country Specific Sales – New Etsy Changes Coming Soon! | Etsy List Builder

Etsy Country Specific Sales – New Etsy Changes Coming Soon!

eCommerce Is a Dominating Force – WooCommerce Heads the Pack

WooCommerce is one of the largest eCommerce platforms in the world, serving over 10 percent of the marketplace for eCommerce shopkeepers. Learn about some intriguing stats you were likely unaware of regarding this eCommerce solution, as well as some shocking eCommerce stats that illustrate how powerful online sales have become over the past few years, and where they are headed in their projected and healthy future.

Global Ecommerce: Australia

In the context of global ecommerce, Australia is a near-perfect example of success. Both its location and regional economic agreements have emphasized the importance of the country in the extremely competitive APAC. For the past 22 years, Australia’s economy has benefited from uninterrupted growth. The country has never been in better shape, with rich natural resources paving the way to innovation and sustained growth. These large reserves of natural resources have created ties with non-energy independent neighboring countries who have enough wealth to acquire them. This bilateral trading agreement has massively benefited Australia, which has become a large APAC player. Australia has also strong ties to the UK due to its participation in the Commonwealth and more recently thanks to AUKMIN annual dialogues and bilateral agreements for closer alignment.

Global Ecommerce: Brazil

Brazil is an emerging, dynamic and lucrative ecommerce market that will explode from currently 40m online consumers to over 180m ecommerce buyers in the next five years–an astonishing 70% annualized growth rate. Brazil’s ecommerce market place is the 10th largest in the market worldwide right now and accounts for 60% of the ecommerce in LATAM.

Global Ecommerce: France

Nearly 70m consumers in France can be served through a modern delivery infrastructure, high Internet penetration and growing mobile services. These factors, combined with consumers attuned to buying both chic brands and value bargains, make France an ideal venue for retailers to expand via ecommerce.

Cool Britannia Is Hot on eCommerce

The perfect storm of eCommerce success flies the Union Flag. The UK continues its precipitous investment in digital infrastructure, boasts the world’s highest consumer confidence and percentage of online GDP. Citizens in the UK estimate eCommerce saves them a whopping £2,100 per year and continue to spend more money per capita than any other country in the world. Driven by food and apparel, gross online purchases are nearly three times higher, totaling £91 billion, than the second-largest online market in Europe: Germany.

Choosing a Payment Gateway For Your eCommerce Platform

A payment gateway is a pillar of any online business and must be fast and easy to understand. There are multiple aspects of selling online, and a payment gateway happens to be the most important. It can make or break your business and determines your profitability and repeat orders. Giving deep thought to the payment provider

Will My eCommerce Business Be Successful?

Most online sellers are not the manufacturers of the products that they are selling. They are only online traders who are focused on the logistics and not on the manufacturing. Hence they are able to perfect the art of online selling. You can do the same, without spending much time or money on automation.

How To Generate Passive Income From An Ecommerce Store?

There are hundreds of passive income methods that can make a decent amount of money without spending time every day. You just need to prepare yourself once and then you will start generating passive income for the rest of your lifetime. Running an ecommerce store is definitely one of the best methods that can help you make a decent passive income. However, you will need to spend a decent amount of time for establishing your ecommerce store and make it popular. Once you have started reaching out the people and getting clients from different sources, you don’t have to worry about making money anymore. You will start generating hundred percent passive incomes from your ecommerce store. Unfortunately, this first part is full of challenges and struggles. You have to fight and make it happen to make that amount of money! Let’s explore more about generating passive income from an ecommerce store.

Effective Logistics Management In An E-Commerce Business

Logistics is defined as the movement of goods between its point of origin and the final consumption point and includes processes such as warehousing, inventory management, packaging, transportation, safety of goods, and other specifics. It plays an important role in designing a successful business. While logistics is a challenging task by itself, in an e-commerce business where the customers sits at one place and orders through the internet, logistics become very complex and demands great planning in the whole business to consumer cycle.

How the Internet Has Made Brazil 2014 the Most Accessible World Cup Ever

The Internet has grown rapidly in the four years since the last world cup. Through the World Wide Web we can now communicate with the players, upload photos and videos, and even vote for the Man of the Match through a mobile app. Read on to see how the Internet has made Brazil 2014 the most interactive World Cup yet for football fans all over the world…

Choosing an Ecommerce Package

This is not an area where cheapest or simplest is likely to be the best! Remember that this is a buyer’s market: the competition is intense and the service levels improve almost daily, so test out your choice before finally committing to one provider..

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