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Etsy Halloween – Selling on Etsy | Nancy Badillo | Etsy List Builder

Etsy Halloween – Selling on Etsy | Nancy Badillo

The Rising Importance of P2PE

At one time identity theft happened most frequently when a thief could lift the credit cards from a person’s wallet and use them before the cardholder discovered the missing plastic. Stealing cards and using them are now almost a thing of the past. Of course if your wallet just happens to fall into the hands of a thief, they will not resist the urge to do a little free shopping, but most criminals are more interested in stealing the information in ways that allow them to remain anonymous.

How Do The Typical Online Payment Gateways Transactions Work?

Payment gateways are the devices that allow a merchant to be able to accept payment for the merchandise or services they sell from credit cards. Payment gateways allow the information on the customer’s credit card to be transmitted to the financial institution that issued it.

Facts Concerning The PCI DSS Program

PCI DSS was first established in 2004 to help protect the financial information of credit cardholders. Before the PCI DSS program came to life the five major credit issuing companies each had their own programs to help maintain the security of their cardholder’s information.

What Is a PCI DSS?

PCI DSS stands for payment card industry data security standard. This is an information security standard designed to help organizations that handle the information pertaining to credit cards, debit cards, prepaid cards, POS cards, and ATM cards. The PCI DSS is designed to help these organizations keep this information safe and secure from unauthorized users.

How E-Commerce Solutions Can Revolutionise the Indian Leather Industry

The Indian leather industry has a rich and ancient history that can trace back to Harappan times. The industry is presently the 6th largest in the world and has undergone key structural changes and integration over the last few decades. From being a mere exporter of raw materials in the early 1960s, the Indian leather industry has gradually evolved to play a fundamental role in the Indian economy by opening up employment opportunities and generation of foreign exchange.

Retail: Serving Customers an Outstanding Online Experience

As today’s online retailers battle for market share and brand affinity, many are striving to attract shoppers through sophisticated new functionality and services on the Web. For such offerings to be successful, these companies must structure new Web applications to provide optimal performance and service-while closely managing total cost of ownership (TCO) To do so, many online retailers are turning to the practice of service­level management (SLM), a set of management activities that helps ensure online shoppers receive the best possible experience through online services that perform consistently and outstandingly every time-while helping companies manage critical cost structures…

Thoughts About Starting an Online Shop

Starting an online shop is easy. But before starting some thoughts about shipping, software, and payment, providers have to be taken in account.

Understanding Psychology of Online Customers

In order to achieve success while selling online you must know some important things about your online customers. Further you can read about main things such as: popular items, authority, website navigation, customer support – to which online customers pays most of their attention.

Why Mobile Commerce Is Rising In Popularity

One of the newest forms of marketing available to businesses is mobile commerce — a way of getting information quickly and efficiently via phone when a customer is interested in a product. This means that customers are taking a hands-on approach to selecting the products they hope to use, which means that as businesses hope to keep up with new trends in technology, providing a platform by which customers can access products via mobile devices is very much becoming industry standard protocol.

What Are the Benefits for Distributing Digital Files?

With most shopping being done online these days, a new market for digital files has emerged, but what are they are what are the benefits? Digital files are files that can be created and sold online, without any input physically from yourself, once they are purchased as they can simply be downloaded directly to the customer.

Using Ecommerce Fulfillment Services Means Keeping Customers Happy

There are a lot of things to do when a person runs a company that sells goods to customers all over the world. Shipping across borders can often take a long time because there is a lot of inspections that take place. Ecommerce fulfillment services that are offered by companies will know exactly how to get these things delivered to customers at the time that they were promised.

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