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Facebook Group For Business | Increase Etsy Sales 2021 | Etsy Sales On A Continuous Basis | Etsy List Builder

Facebook Group For Business | Increase Etsy Sales 2021 | Etsy Sales On A Continuous Basis

Thinking Like An Online Entrepreneur – E-Commerce Tips

So much has been written about entrepreneurial thinking that I won’t try to distil it here. However, there are certain behaviours I have noted about how some web owners approach the development and running of their websites which deserve a little discussion. Let’s start with the first, and most important, influencing factor to any web owner’s success: belief.

Consumer Research Tips and Tools for Affiliate Marketers

Learn these top industry tips on how to ensure you do proper consumer research. If you run a business online these consumer research tools are essential…

Dropshipping – Why We Need It

Imagine this scene… it’s 9am, your alarm goes off slowly waking you up as a beautiful ray of sunshine splits the sky and gently shines through your bedroom window. You open your eyes slowly, turning the alarm off and then firing up your internet browser. You log onto PayPal and have a look. There’s $500 there from yesterday’s sales. Now $500 may not sound like a lot of money but imagines receiving $700 per day every day for 30 days and what you do you get? Well on last count that equates to $21,000.

What Is Conversion And Why It Is Essential In E-Commerce?

Conversion in e-commerce has always been an electrifying and simultaneously mysterious topic. From time to time, one of the marketing shamans would reveal a golden recipe to increase the conversion. I want to share what we know about conversion from objective sources and what my daily practice proves. Conversion expresses the ratio of the purchase amount to… and here are two ways of understanding it.

How To Increase Web Page Speed? Ecommerce Tips

The first thing search engine bots look for on your e-commerce website is a file called a robots.txt file. This file is used to provide information to the bot about what pages you want it to index and which pages you want it to exclude. This is a good way to prevent search engines from indexing pages you don’t want indexed (such as file downloads, duplicate content, admin pages, etc.). Keep in mind, a robots.txt files does not hide a page, it simply prevents it from being indexed.

Find and Using Free Ecommerce Templates

If you are new to ecommerce and would like to build your own online store, there is no better way to do it than with free ecommerce templates. Instead of hiring an expensive web designer, it’s better to start out free of charge. Find out how free templates work and whether or not you should use them.

How To Create Your Own Product? Ecommerce Web Solutions

I personally create three types of products: software, t-shirts and gift items, and books. An e-book is a book that is not on paper, but created to be read on a computer or e-reader. Many e-books are in the form of PDF files.

Facebook Timeline And Competitive Analysis

Facebook introduced the ‘Timeline’ feature (defined by Zukerberg as ‘The Story Of Your Life In One Page’) on March 30 2012, which replaced the Wall. The new Timeline feature allows online marketers and businesses to display information about what they are up to, over a given period. With this feature, other users get to know more about your business as time passes by.

Is Your Ecommerce Site Ready for Cyber Monday?

With last year’s sales coming in at an astounding 1.25 billion, Cyber Monday is without a doubt one of the biggest online shopping days of the year. It eclipses the brick and mortar sales of Black Friday while improving on its own numbers year after year; IBM Coremetrics reports that 2011 sales were up 33% over 2010. With so much riding on this one shopping day, we have to ask: Is your ecommerce site ready for Cyber Monday?

How to Setup Your Own Ecommerce Business

If you are going to sell wholesale gifts online or any service, you will need to make sure that you know to set up your own ecommerce business site. An ecommerce business site will enable you to reach more people all over the world without large capital involved. Easy to set up plus you could get the prices lower, here are steps on how to set up your own ecommerce business.

Wake Up and Smell the Opportunity

Here’s the truth; most people aren’t really as successful as they pretend to be. All of those people you see doing this and that, who look happy and fulfilled… a lot of them are faking it. As the old saying goes, “fake it till you make it”.

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