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How To Create An Ecommerce Website In Just 5 Days | FREE Website Tutorial For Beginners | Etsy List Builder

How To Create An Ecommerce Website In Just 5 Days | FREE Website Tutorial For Beginners

Sexual Assault Defense for Women

Women incur the violence in nine out of ten cases of violence. One out of every three women report sexual or physical abuse in their lifetime, and these are the ones reported.

The New World Of Online Market Places

There was a time when eBay and Amazon were the only game in town if one wanted to earn a living online. That time has come and gone. There are dozens of new online market places.

E-Commerce Website Design – Finding the Right Vendor

It has always been a great challenge finding the right e-commerce vendor that fits in perfectly with your business needs, either you are expanding, diversifying or what have you. It is very necessary for a brand to be portrayed uniquely in the light of their competence.

High Mobile Penetration And Social Media Drives Online Shopping

According to a report by eMarketer, US consumers alone will spend nearly $37.44 billion in 2013 on purchases made via smart phones or any mobile devices like tablets or laptops which is approx. 57% more than last year figures. As far as number of mobile shoppers are concerned, such high revenues denotes an approx. 23million more consumers for 2013 reaching the figure to 118 million. Such a figure also indicates a more mobile centric lifestyle even if shoppers don’t buy on mobile.

Why People Fail To Earn Money Online

According to the latest research statistics from the Small Business Administration, thirty three percent of all new startup businesses fail during their first two years of operation. During the first four years, the number of business failures increases to 56%. The primary cause is that most businesses take several years before they show a profit and investors seldom want to wait very long to see profits, so startup businesses often run out of operating capital and cannot weather the initial trial years. These are usually brick and mortar stores with a physical presence, inventory, and employees. Failure is also caused by wrong locations, poor management, bad timing, insufficient advertising, and fluctuations in the market. For Internet businesses…

How To Choose The Best Internet Merchant Account?

Your business needs varied customers! All customers who pay by cash or those who pay by credit cards or through online payment services are necessary for your business. You can give your customers the service of online payments and credit card payments by opening a merchant account.

How To Get Merchant Account Approval?

You cannot ever prosper in any business without a merchant account. If the only payment method for your business is cash, then you may be missing out the masses that prefer to buy things through their credit cards. A merchant account enables your customer to buy your products through credit or debit cards and online payment gateways.

Understanding Credit Card Processing Method!

A lot of people have trouble in understanding credit card processing as it can be a cumbersome affair, especially if you do not have any information regarding the same. If you are aware of the skeletal framework of the way the credit card payments are processed, then you will be able to have a clear picture of the different steps of processing the payments.

Five Golden Rules to Teach Your Customer Support Team

You cannot expect that your customer service team is bound not to commit any mistakes. You cannot predict the situation when your team deals with customers. What you can do is prevent is by instilling virtues or golden rules to help them handle the good, bad, and ugly to the customers.

Is WordPress a Good Choice for eCommerce Websites?

If you too are a budding entrepreneur or even an experienced one, but were missing out on opportunities that the online platform offers, then this article might be of help to you. Let’s see how you can target your costumers’ in a precise manner to be successful.

Importance of a Good Web Design for Ecommerce

When it comes to online business, designing an impressive website is very important and critical. A well designed website can be responsible for increasing the sales of the business manifold. The website is like the initial investment that the business owners are making for their online businesses.

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