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Q&A: SMALL BUSINESS STRUGGLES – Customer Expectations, Etsy Pros and Cons, Shipping Costs | Etsy List Builder

Q&A: SMALL BUSINESS STRUGGLES – Customer Expectations, Etsy Pros and Cons, Shipping Costs

SSL And Ecommerce

SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) is a server-side service that encrypts data submitted by an online form. SSL forms a critical element of ecommerce transactions.

Learn How to Sell Jewelry on eBay

This article explains ways to sell your jewelry on eBay. The Target audience for this article is small to medium business owners.

How To Secure Your Tourism E-Commerce Website

Your booking page, whether you create it yourself, or you use a hosted online booking engine has to be secure. If you are currently requesting credit card information on a page that is NOT secure, you are probably in violation of your merchant agreement and could face severe penalties if you do not secure it.

eBay Tips: How To Ship Video Games

If you’re successful on eBay then there is one thing you’ll be spending a lot of time on. That is packing and shipping items. This may seem simple at first but when shipping a large number of items you want things to be as cost effective as possible.

3 Lessons Small Internet Marketers Can Learn From Medifast

Medifast, a huge weight loss company that is active worldwide, has been very effective with its “out-of-the-box” marketing thinking. For many years doctors have used the company’s system as a recommendation for patients who are in need of losing weight. With the popularity of the Internet, Medifast has begun to dominate its consumer pool with the help of the information superhighway.

3 Dirty Secrets to Set Up An Online Business No One Will Tell You

What if you learned 3 simple secrets that no one talks about when they tell you to start your online business? In this article I will tell you 3 simple secrets, in fact they are not even secrets but common sense principles that you should understand if you are building a solid internet business or any business for that matter.

Ecommerce Web Development Explained

Today ecommerce is an important part of making it big in business as it gives a chance to succeed for players of different size, from super rich corporations to individual entrepreneurs working from their tiny bedrooms and dreaming of building their empires. Ecommerce solutions weren’t as developed as they are today in the past and many business people were turned off by the fact they had to hire a lot of staff members to make it in the world of ecommerce.

How Content Management Website Software Makes eCommerce Much Easier

If you considering setting up an online eCommerce business, you will find this article extremely helpful in explaining the benefits of choosing reliable, highly flexible and cost effective content management website software, to design and manage your new eCommerce website. Find out why a CMS website is a worthwhile option to consider, when it comes to designing and managing eCommerce websites that require regular updates.

Online Shopping Cart and More – Technology Integration for Growing Businesses

Most leading businesses now have the advantage of an online shopping cart, with secure payment gateway, great product listing, instant invoice and order management. With the business growing, greater demand fulfillment from the customer’s end becomes a pre-requisite. Clients and customers want more to bring you profits.

What Makes an Online Shopper Abandon Their Cart Before Buying?

Hidden costs, requesting users create an account and not communicating your unique selling point can derail potential sales at the last minute. Read on to learn what turns people off buying and how to turn things around.

How To Install a Success Mindset Within Your Brain Before You Start an Internet Business?

What if you discovered how to get started with your own highly profitable internet business starting today? In this article you will discover the exact steps you should take to install a success mind set in your brain that will finally help you to achieve success that you ultimately desire.

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